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Wed. Jul 12th 2017
New Tanker Placed in Service

After the completion of drivers training, equipment mounting, and vehicle familiarization, new Tanker 2 was placed in service...

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Sun. Jan 22nd 2017
Members & Officers Recognized for Training Accomplishments

Several of our members were recognized at the annual Powhatan County Fire-Rescue Department awards banquet on Sunday night, J...

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Sun. Jan 15th 2017
Chico's Army, Firefighter Cancer Awareness

Firefighters have about a 40% greater chance of occupational cancers than other workers.  This can be devastating to the...

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189 entries the in Call History
Fri. Jul 14th 2017
On Friday, July 13th Rescue 2, Tanker 2, Engine 2, along with Chief 3 and EMS 9 assisted Chesterfield and Amelia with a commercial fire at the 360 Amelia Truck Stop.   On arrival of initial units it was found to be a working fire, so Amelia and Chesterfield requested additional assist...
Wed. Jan 25th 2017
At 4:45 on Wednesday, January 25, Companies 2 and 1 were alerted for the traffic crash with injuries and entrapment on Anderson Highway (Route 60) near the Chesterfield County line.  Chesterfield's 911 center had received the call first and had an engine and ambulance enroute to the scene a...
Sat. Jan 14th 2017
On the evening of January 14th, Rescue 2 was dispatched to a vehicle accident in Fire District 1 on Anderson Hwy just west of Maidens Rd.  Chief 2 arrived on the scene to find a two vehicle t-bone collision with one patient pinned in the car.  Engine 1 arrived on scene and began ...
Sat. Nov 26th 2016
Volunteers from Huguenot (Company 2), Powhatan (Company 1) and Mattoax (Amelia Co 4) were dispatched for the reported building fire in the 500 block of Petersburg Road in the county's extreme southeast.  Huguenot's Captain Berry arrived to find a 2-story building on a farm heavily invol...
Tue. Nov 22nd 2016
This evening during a medical response in Huguenot VFD's 1st due, it was determined by those on scene that an air evacuation would benefit a patient.  Virginia State Police was requested to respond with Medflight based out of Chesterfield Airport.  HVFD staffing assisted on scene ...
Sun. Oct 9th 2016
On October 9th the Huguenot Volunteer Fire Department responded on Anderson Highway just west of Dorset Rd for a building collapse.  On arrival command was established and it was quickly determined that due to the winds the rain roof had been picked up and was blown over onto the parking lot.&n...
Tue. Sep 27th 2016
On September 27th the Huguenot VFD assisted the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia by providing fire safety public education programs at the state fair.  Our members interacted with the public, delivered education, showed off apparatus and...
Tue. Mar 1st 2016
Huguenot was dispatched to a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Anderson Highway and Batterson Road on Monday night, and additional callers indicated one of the vehicle may have entrapment, so Company 1 was added to the assignment.  E2 arrived to find a 2-vehicle crash with moderate-to-ma...
Mon. Feb 29th 2016
As the first night of Firefighter I class came to an end, Huguenot was dispatched with the ambulance crews to a vehicle crash on Dorset Road in the first-due.  Engine 2 and Rescue 2 were enroute immediately with 9 personnel.  E2 (Lt Fisher) arrived to find a vehicle on its side with a majo...
Fri. Jan 15th 2016
On the evening of January 15th, 2016 Company 2, Company 1, Powhatan Rescue Squad, Powhatan Fire Adminstration, Powhatan Sheriff's, Virginia State Police,and several members from Company 4 (who were in the area) responded to a two car vehicle accident on Anderson Highway just West of St...
Fri. Apr 3rd 2015
Volunteers responded to the report of a single vehicle rollover accident on Pilkington Road.  Upon arrival units found a single vehicle crash with one patient ejected.  MedFlight transported the patient to VCU Medical Center.  Photos by T. Blair.
Fri. Feb 20th 2015
Powhatan Volunteer Fire Department was assisted by Huguenot Volunteer Fire (Company 2), Deep Creek Volunteer Fire (Company 5), and Macon District Volunteer Fire (Company 3) with a garage apartment fire near the intersection of Old Buckingham Road and Old Tavern Rd.  First arriving units reporte...
Fri. Feb 13th 2015
Volunteers responded to a field fire on February 13 just after 12:00PM in the 1000 block of Windy Bluff Ln.  They were able to extinguish the fire quickly before the wind helped it get out of hand.
Tue. Feb 3rd 2015
Huguenot Volunteers, assisted by Powhatan Volunteer Fire Department Company 1 who handled the landing zone, extricated the driver of the this sedan who was heavily trapped after striking a telephone pole on Dorset Road Tuesday night. The patient was transported via helicopter to the local trauma cen...
Sat. Jan 31st 2015
On Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 10:45 am, firefighters from Huguenot Volunteer Fire Department, Powhatan Volunteer Fire Department Company 1 and Mattoax Fire Department (Amelia Co 4) responded to the 3400 block of Pineview Road for a reported house fire. The volunteers arrived to find a two story h...
Fri. Jan 16th 2015
The volunteers were alerted for a 2-vehicle crash on Thursday, January 15 at Anderson Highway & Batterson Road.  Upon arrival, Engine 2 found an SUV that had t-boned a county school bus at highway speed (the bus didn't have any students on board).  Although there was quite a b...
Tue. Jan 6th 2015
Around 5:30AM Tuesday, January 6th, fire companies 2 (Huguenot), 4 (Fine Creek), and 1 (Courthouse) were dispatched for a house fire in the 1300 block of Stavemill Road.  Based on dispatch information, Chief 1 (Singer) requested a tanker from Amelia and engine for fill-in at Huguenot's stat...
Fri. Dec 12th 2014
Rescue 2 (with four) responded for the house fire in the county's western end on Old Tavern Road.  County Chief 2 (Schoeffel) arrived to find a rancher with heavy fire on the A-side.  First-arriving companies made a push and quickly darkened the fire.  Rescue 2 assisted with ...
Thu. Dec 11th 2014
Fire Company 2 responded to assist the Powhatan Volunteer Fire Department (Co. 1) with a small dryer fire in the early hours of Thursday, December 11th.  The house is located in the Buckingham Forest Subdivision, and Huguenot assisted with ventilation and scene lighting.
 Units respon...
Thu. Dec 11th 2014
Huguenot volunteers have run several serious accidents over the past week.  Rescue 2 responded to the western end of the county for a vehicle accident with entrapment involving a dump truck.  Today they responded to an accident at South Creek one that one patient was transported from. ...
Tue. Nov 25th 2014
Huguenot Volunteers were dispatched for a two vehicle accident with injuries and possible entrapment at the intersection of Dorset Rd and Anderson Highway (Rte 60) around 7:15PM.  When Rescue 2 arrived on scene they found one vehicle blocking the westbound lanes with one victim trapped and anot...
Mon. Nov 17th 2014
Huguenot Volunteers were dispatched with Amelia Fire Company 4 to a brush fire on Pineview Drive around 7:30 PM on November 16th.  Before any units could mark en route dispatch notified responders that the fire had spread to the garage and Powhatan companies 1 (Powhatan Volunteer Fire Departmen...
Sat. Nov 15th 2014
In the early morning hours of November 14, Rescue 2 (with 5 personnel) was special called to assist with the auto accident with entrapment on Maidens Road (US 522) near Cosby Road.  An overturned truck in the woods presented a challenging scene for personnel involved.  Patients were t...
Thu. Oct 23rd 2014
Huguenot Volunteers responded Engine 2 and Rescue 2 to a two vehicle accident in the 1300 block of Dorset Rd shortly after 8:00PM.  One patient was flown via Virginia State Police MedFlight.  Powhatan Volunteer Fire Company assisted with Engine 1 for the landing zone. 
Sun. Aug 3rd 2014
Company 1 was originally dispatched for a reported RV fire near a structure.  Sheriffs deputy's and PVRS units were on scene in a few mins and notified dispatch to upgrade to a structural assignment as the RV had extended into the NAPA store.  Dispatched added Company 2 (Huguenot), Com...
Thu. Jan 9th 2014
Around 6:00pm on Thursday, January 9, Fire Companies 2 (Huguenot Volunteer Fire Department), 1 (Powhatan Volunteer Fire Department Company 1) and Amelia Company 4 (Mattoax Fire Department) were alerted to the report of a car and gas pumps on fire in the 2300 block of Genito Road. FF Berry arrived to...
Fri. Mar 8th 2013
Around 9pm on Friday, March 8th, Fire Company 2 (Huguenot), Fire Company 1 (Powhatan), Chesterfield County Engine 5 and an ambulance were dispatched to the 1700 block of Anderson Highway for a structure fire.  Engine 2 (with four, Asst Chief Goodman OIC), Tanker 2 (with 2) a...
Sun. Mar 3rd 2013
At approximately 9:30pm this evening, Company 2 (Huguenot), Company 1 (Powhatan) and Amelia Company 4 (Mattoax) were alerting for an unknown type structural fire on Clayville Road near the Chesterfield County line.  The call was determined to be near the intersection of Clayville Road and Antle...
Sun. Jan 13th 2013
Early monring on Sunday, January 13, the Huguenot Volunteers and the Volunteer Rescue Squad were notified for a vehicle into a power pole in the area of Dorset Road and Moseley Road.  Upon arrival, the members found a late-model SUV that left the road at a high rate of speed, impacted a utility...
Wed. Jan 2nd 2013
Shortly after 1AM Companies 4 (Fine Creek), 2 (Huguenot) and 1 (Powhatan) responded to a report house fire in the 1800 block of Countrytown Rd.  The caller report fire in the attic.  A Powhatan Deputy arrived minutes before Engine 4 and report fire coming from the roof.  Command (Co4 ...
189 entries the in Call History
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