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New Facility

Since 2005, the members of Company 2 have worked in harmony with the Powhatan County Fire Department, Powhatan Board of Supervisors, the Powhatan County Administrator and Finanace Director, and other persons within the community in a goal to establish a new fire station for our members.  In the three years that have passed, this dream is becoming reality.

The original fire station, which opened when the department was formed in 1970, was built for less than $6000, using mostly donated and procured building supplies from a warehouse that was under demolition in the City of Richmond.  The charter members of the department worked day and night constructing the building that has served us well for 35 years.  However, during that time, the apparatus has grown, the volume of members has increased, and the need for more space hs become a great concern.

Therefore, the HVFD building committee was formed to work in conjunction with the county to oversee the location, design, and construction of our new station.  In 2006, the contract for architectural services was awarded to TENG, Inc of Chicago, IL.  This same group is currently constructing 2 stations in Hanover County, and will be working with Stafford County officals on thier new fire station in Berea.

Based on a great deal of input that the building committee members gave (based on traveling to more than a dozen fire stations in Virginia and North Carolina), the architects designed our new station.  Some of the highlights of our new 14,300 square foot station include:

  • Five double-deep drive through bays
  • Eight individual sleep rooms
  • A large training room
  • Offices for the Chief & President
  • Precint for the Powhatan Sheriff's Officer
  • Offices for the Powhatan Rescue Squad
  • Large day room and kitchen
  • Ample parking
  • Outside training area

As of August 2007, the Board of Supervisors continues to support the project, and has instructed the county's Facilities Director and Planning Director to see how the new water and sewer lines will impact the construction of the building.  Furthermore, the County is prepared to borrow the money for this project in January 2008, which we hope will allow us to move into the station in March 2009.

UPDATE, DECEMBER 4, 2007:  The building committee and the Powhatan County Facilities Directors met with our architect and other personnel from Teng for an extensive meeting.  The final outside design of the building was agreed upon.  The outside facade will be a combination of brick and split-face block, accented with full glass doors bay doors with arched accents above each bay door.  The living side will also encompass a "tower" on the front which adds a very nice astetic appeal.  We hope to have an artists rendering soon.

At this time, anticipated ground-breaking is late Spring 2008.

UPDATE, JANUARY 23, 2008:  Today, President Llewellyn visited the county attorney to sign some important paperwork.  Most importantly, one of the documents turns responsibility of our existing fire station over to Powhatan County effective July 1, 2008.  This is the first step in turning property maintenance for both the new and old building over to the County.

Also today, heavy equipment started clearing trees from the new property site at the intersection of Stavemill and Urbine Roads.  It's also clear to see where the re-aligned Stavemill Road will be.  This is the first "physical" progress that's been seen on the site, so our members have new excitement about our project!

UPDATE, AUGUST 13, 2008:  The membership was excited to receive word from County officials that Powhatan County now owns the 4 acres where the new station is going to sit. This process took much longer than anticipated, but we're happy to have this behind us. We hope to have the deed recorded very soon, and to have the final architectural contact signed immediately after that. We'd tentatively project a move-in date of October 2009, but must remain flexible with this as many factors influence the speed at which the project moves.

UPDATE, JULY 5, 2009:  The building committee from Company 2 continues to meet with County officials and the architect from TENG about specific items and details for the building.  The architect hopes to have plans ready to be sent out to bid within the next few weeks.  The process is taking much longer than expected, but the HVFD building committee representatives continues to take all actions possible to help the process move forward from the Fire Departments prospective.  The County's grants coordinator is also applying for an Asssistance to Firefighters building construction grant in an attempt to offset the cost of our $5M building.

We now anticipate that ground-breaking will be in Fall 2009.

UPDATE:  MAY 27, 2010:  After many months of waiting, the construction documents were released to the public about six weeks ago.  Today, the bids were returned, with all bids coming in between $3.2M and $3.5M.  Chris Rapp, Facilities and General Services director for the county, reports that these bids are more than 25% below the budgeted price.  Since the bids are now received, the item will be brought before the Board of Supervisor's June meeting for full funding.  We hope the county's citizens will support this project!

UPDATE:  AUGUST 16, 2010:  GROUND BREAKING occured! The contract has been awarded to Century Construction in Richmond, and they've set forth a very aggressive construction schedule. With luck, the first dirt should move on the site within the 2-3 days.

UPDATE:  AUGUST 30, 2010:  Two weeks into the project.  All of the stumps have been removed from the lot, two temporary retention ponds have been established, and the parking areas and building corners have been laid out with stakes.  Good to see dirt moving! 

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